LDR Oscura 19 dmx/rdm

LDR Oscura 19 dmx/rdm
  • LDR_Oscura19_front

DMX/RDM controllable motorized dimming shutter ideal for use with LDR discharge fixtures featuring a 185x185mm colour frame or any luminaire with a front aperture up to 195mm.

It features 12 horizontal steel blades with plain border and 4 front attachments for an optional rotating barndoor.

The Oscura 19 is delivered with a 185x185mm rear mounting plate and a black steel safety cable.

A large selection of standard and customized rear mounting plates is available on request.

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201003194-leaf barndoor, aluminium
20106020PDU1, power distribution unit for 1 scroller
20106260PDU6M, dmx/rdm power distribution unit
20600006mounting plate 185x185mm
20610003DMX/power XLR 4-pin cable, 3m
20610005DMX/power XLR 4-pin cable, 5m
20610010DMX/power XLR 4-pin cable, 10m
20610015DMX/power XLR 4-pin cable, 15m
20610020DMX/power XLR 4-pin cable, 20m
20610025DMX/power XLR 4-pin cable, 25m