ETC Station Power Modules

ETC Station Power Modules

The Paradigm™ Station Power Module series provides the LinkConnect power for all of your Unison Heritage™ and Paradigm stations. Based on Echelon's LonTalk® protocol with LinkPower, LinkConnect allows you to communicate over a two-wire, topology-free data bus - simplifying system wiring. And the Paradigm Station Power Modules with LinkConnect send power, along with communication, down the same pair of wires.

Available as an optional module for dimming and control enclosures, the Paradigm Station Power Module provides support for 32 Heritage stations. Paradigm Touchscreens, and many interface stations require more power, so the Paradigm Station Power Module also supplies 24VDC when you add two additional low-voltage power conductors.

Add control anywhere in your system. When you need more stations or need to cover more distance, you can add Paradigm Repeater or Dual Repeater Station Power Modules to your system. The Repeater adds power for 30 more stations and 1640 feet (500 meters) of additional wire length. The Dual Repeater provides the maximum station capacity and distance from one location by powering 62 stations over three separate 1640-foot (500-meter) wire runs. Wall-mount and 19″ equipment rack-mount versions of the Repeater and Dual Repeater Power Modules are available.

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