ETC Source Four HID Zoom

ETC Source Four HID Zoom

Com o Source Four HID Zoom nunca se preocupará com mudanças de última hora.

With Source Four HID Zoom you never have to worry about last-minute changes. Source Four HID Zoom gives you the flexibility of on-site field-angle adjustment in a 150W HID spotlight fixture with 12,000 hr. lamp life, pattern-projection capability, framing shutters, and a bright, even field. Not to mention the cool beam, rugged construction and every other attribute of the Source Four HID family. The Source Four HID Zoom gives you Source Four performance with 12,000 hours of low-maintenance lamp life. That’s perfect for locations that can’t be reached often or easily. Every member of the Source Four HID family uses an electronic ballast with a power factor of greater than 95% compared to some competitors’ ballasts at less than 70%. Our HID ballast has an efficiency of greater than 90%. With its 1.5 amps operating current, you can safely place more Source Four HIDs on a 20A circuit than you can other manufacturers’ units that operate at 2.3 amps. Plus, Source Four HIDs are UL Listed for damp locations. Every Source Four HID fixture comes in black, white or silver as standard with custom colors available. Source Four HIDs are non-dimmable fixtures.

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* 15º-30º and 25º-50º field-angle ranges available
* Yoke-mounted 100V to 277V auto-ranging electronic ballast
* Ships with 150W ceramic metal-halide lamp
* 12,000 hr lamp life at 3000º K color temperature
* 3,000º K lamp, 4,000º K lamp available
* Multi-faceted glass reflector
* One handed zoom operation
* Positive zoom lock
* Field angle and focus scale markings
* Rotating barrel ± 25º
* Three-plane stainless-steel shutter blade assembly
* Easy access lens cleaning
* Insulated rear handle
* Rugged die-cast and extruded aluminum construction