ETC Prodigy P2

ETC Prodigy P2

The Prodigy P2 hoist scales new horizons and expands the possibilities of upper stage machinery systems. You can create a complete rigging system to fit your venue’s needs – simply and without expensive expansion costs.

A complete package hoist, the 130-kilogram* P2 fixed-speed hoist is compact but has a 300-kilogram load capacity. Using five-millimeter lift wire rope, it offers 15 meters of travel with up to eight lift lines, load cell, encoder, and slack line detection. P2 is a smart choice for venues with medium travel heights.

In addition to the standard electromechanical brake on the motor, P2 uses a self-locking worm-gear system as a secondary load-arresting device, to ensure that the hoist stops when you want it to and to prevent freefalls. A positioning encoder, four limit switches, integrated load cell, slack line detection, hard-wired deadman and E-stop circuits are also standard safety features of this hoist.

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Prodigy P2