ETC Fader Stations

ETC Fader Stations

Unison Heritage Stations are available in a wide selection of button and button/fader combinations. The button stations are available with one to ten buttons, in single and half-gang configurations.


Model Weight
Shipping Weight
SL-1 0,4 kg 1 kg
SL-2 0,6 1,1 kg
SL-3 0,7 1,3 kg
SL-4 0,8 1,4 kg
SL-5 1 kg 1,5 kg
SL-6 1,1 kg 1,6 kg
SL-7 1,2 kg 1,7 kg

Green light. Red light. And way beyond.
Heritage stations give you visual feedback at the wall station. With ETC’s ColorCondition feature, Unison Heritage Stations indicate their status – bright or dim, on, flashing or off – in any of 16 standard colors. Red, green and blue LEDs at each button and fader allow you to individualize the appearance of control functions and use colors as signals of system status.

Read clearly. Combining an indelible laser-marking method and the latest in plastics, Unison Heritage Stations Forever Legend System offers easy-to-read standard or custom legends, labeling specific control functions. Or, if you prefer, specify custom engraving and paint fill colors.

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