ETC Desire D40XTI

ETC Desire D40XTI
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x7 color for permanent installations – indoors or out.

The ETC Selador Desire D40XTI™ LED luminaire gives you the most flexible color mixing for your building. Featuring the x7 Color System™ – which combines up to seven colours at the source for the broadest colour range available from an LED – the D40XTI is a rugged, durable fixture IP66-rated for long-term outdoor use.

Smooth dimming, all the way down to zero. The D40XTI features Selador Desire®-quality dimming capabilities, transitioning its intensity like a conventional fixture, without noticeable steps.

No more ‘cable spaghetti.’ The D40XTI allows for quick setup and easy operation, because each luminaire has just two cables: one for power and one for both data in and thru. The power cord can be permanently wired to a junction box. DMX/RDM terminates by simply plugging into a convenient data board.

The D40XTI accepts a range of accessories – glass lenses, diffusers, egg crates, half-shields and more – that can be added or changed in the field. The trim ring was designed to make the installer’s job easier, by allowing access to accessories without compromising the D40XTI’s seal.
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The luminaire is available in seven arrays for all of your lighting tasks:

  • Vivid™ for bold, vibrant colors
  • Lustr®+ for adjustable whites, tinted pastels and saturated jewel tones
  • Fire™ for warm-spectrum hues
  • Ice™ for cool-spectrum tones
  • Studio HD for variable whites
  • Studio Tungsten for warm whites
  • Studio Daylight for cool whites

Available with mounting accessories for pole- or wall-mounts, the D40XTI can go wherever you want stunning, efficient and permanent lighting.

Product Features

  • RDM configuration
  • CE compliant
  • IP66-rated for exterior, wet-location use
  • Data in and thru
  • Mounting accessories for pole- or wall-mounts
  • 50,000-hour LED life
  • Primary field angle of 17°
  • Handy trim ring allows safe access to accessories in the field
  • Multiple DMX profiles and fixture settings