ETC Central Control Server

ETC Central Control Server
  • ETC-Central-Control-Server

Unleash more Paradigm power
The Paradigm Central Control Server unleashes more power and functionality in ETC's Unison Paradigm® architectural line, greatly expanding its scope of lighting control.


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By integrating a native BACnet® communication system and incorporating ETC’s new Virtual Touchscreens, Paradigm Central Control Server scales up Paradigm systems to master the most complex lighting venues. Paradigm Central Control Server ‘thinks globally and acts locally,’ allowing internal subsystems to act independently, at the most granular level, while one command center monitors it all – simultaneously logging, overriding, driving, and managing the components.

With Central Control Server, multiple Paradigm systems can be programmed independently of each other and consolidated into a single system. This is essential systems-management for multi-venue theme parks, cruise ships, performing arts centers, casino and resort venues, museum complexes, and the like, where lighting operations can now subdivide from facility wide control to just one preset lighting scene.

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