ETC Architectural Control Processor

ETC Architectural Control Processor
  • Architectural-Control-Processor

Performance, reliability and ease of use
Built from the ground up with performance, reliability and ease of use in mind, the powerful Paradigm Architectural Control Processor module contains state-of-the-art electronics and is packed with input and output ports. The familiar and easy-to-navigate interface has a large graphic and text display.


P-ACP 1,72 kg 2,18 kg

Designed to keep the lights on in your facility – even in critical emergency situations – the Paradigm processor uses a robust embedded-software platform, scalable internal solid-state storage, and a design that allows modules to be swapped out quickly and easily in the field. The Paradigm processor uses solid-state components, with no fans, disk drives, or moving parts, for die-hard 24/7/365 operation.

The Paradigm Processor works with Unison® Dimming enclosures (DRd) or Control enclosures (ERn) for the most powerful architectural control ETC offers (and more than you’ll expect).

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