ETC Source Four Dimmer

ETC Source Four Dimmer

Aumento o poder dos seus projectores Source Four.

The Source Four Dimmer™ fits any conventional Source Four® by attaching easily to the burner assembly, turbocharging the luminaire’s light output. A Source Four fitted with a Source Four Dimmer can outperform traditional 1200W condenser profiles: using ES (Electronic Silent) dimming technology, 230V of input is regulated to 115V output. You get the highest efficiency out of your Source Four luminaire – more than 1200W performance from a 575W lamp – all without increasing the luminaire’s power draw. Tungsten-halogen light has never been brighter and your rig has never been greener.

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* Luminaire mounted dimmer
* Stand-alone operation
* Convection cooled, no fans
* ES technology provides noise free operation and output voltage reduction for efficiency gains
* Built in dimming curves
* DMX/RDM in and thru