ETC ColorSource Relay

ETC ColorSource Relay

Wireless control for tight budgets.

No longer will you need to run DMX cables to your front-of-house lighting positions, which takes hours of work, can be expensive, and looks unsightly. The ColorSource™ Relay is the answer: a low-cost and revolutionary wireless power control solution that switches power and easily transmits DMX to remote or hard-to-reach places in any space. It’s ideal for small- to medium-sized venues like community centers, university theaters, houses of worship and schools.

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  • Applications requiring distributed dimming and position flexibility:
    — Schools
    — Houses of worship
    — Theatres
    — Event lighting
    — Automated lighting systems
    — Industrial productions
    — Rentals
    — Conference and exhibition centres
    — Multi-function spaces and Meeting rooms


  • Input voltage: 90-250V; 47-63 Hz
  • Portable two pole true air-gap relay
  • Auto sequencing: turn-on delay in each relay ensures that no two relays turn on at the same time across a system
  • Data input options (choice per model): — Wireless- The relay recieves wireless DMX for relay activation on choice of six wireless IDs selected by thumbwheel and transmits DMX output on hardline connection. — DMX (hardwire)- Recieves hardwire DMX (input) for relay activation with RDM feedback and configuration while passing through DMX512-A/RDM on the five-pin XLR (output) connector
  • USB master: Connect USB drive for software upgrades
  • Integral Safety Connection
  • Three mounting options: ETC LED yoke (included), universal yoke, wall-mount (detachable) or desktop use.


  • CE Compliant; UL and cUL listed; FCC approved
  • RoHS compliant
  • DMX512-A/RDM
  • Wireless DMX broadcasts on 2.4GHz range using Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping (SSFH )


  • Case manufactured of molded black textured plastic
  • Multiple yoke-fixing hole combinations for flexible mounting to the fixture
  • Convection-cooled; operates without cooling fans
  • Molded safety connection
  • Power input and output connectors arranged at 45-degree angle to the pipe for ease of tie-off
  • Wireless model includes thumbwheel for selection of six wireless IDs or custom
  • Wireless model includes 2dBA gain omnidirectional antenna
  • Specialised directional and high-gain antennas are sold separately


  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
  • Humidity: 5-95%, non-condensing
  • IP20 Rated for Indoor dry location use


  • Input power:
    — Max breaker sizing: 20A
    — Voltage ranges: 85-250V
    — Frequency range: 47-63Hz
  • Consumes 0.25W during sleep mode (0.6W for wireless)
  • PowerCON input and output connectors
  • Two pole relay (Handles Delta power and 208V applications)
  • 2500V isolation between control and power components
  • Wired DMX* In and Thru on five-pin XLR connector (DMX thru not self-terminating)
    * Represents 1/4 unit device load for purpose of calculating DMX daisy-chain device count (max 32 unit devices per DMX chain)


  • Switching current: 16A max at 40°C ambient temperature
  • Mechanical Endurance: 1,000,000 cycles
  • Quiescent load: less than 0.65W during sleep mode
  • Electrical endurance
    — Resistive 100,000 cycles @16A, 250V
    — Inductive 100,000 cycles @6A, 250V
    — Motor 40,000 cycles @1.5HP, 250VAC
    — Ballast 20,000 cycles @1500W, 347V
    — Electronic 20,000 cycles @3300W @277V (12A)


  • Range: 100 meters
  • Max no. of recievers per transmitter: 32
  • Wireless model includes thumbwheel for selection of six wireless IDs or custom (ID6 operates outside of the WiFi bands for use in areas with strong Wi-Fi usage;ncy: 7mS
  • Power: up to 72mW ETSI broadcast power
  • Wireless DMX latency can occur during fade chases
  • Third-party compatibility: City Theatrical Show DMX


  • DMX512-A/RDM In and Thru via five-pin XLR connectors
  • Supports up to 32 units on one DMX line
  • Choice of relay mode:
    — Automatic
    — DMX level address 512 (Not available before software V1.1) available during Q1, 2016 – Contact ETC for factory config. until then if needed).
    — System Power Command
  • RDM (Remote Device Management) allows remote configuration of the following properties of the device, you can use any RDM controller such as ETC’s Concert or Eos® software to configure these options.
    — Read-only RDM items: RDM Device Count; Type Description; Product Details list; Manufacturer;
    Defaults; Software Version, Sensors list and values; Output Power (Instantaneous voltage and current w/min/max record)
    — Editable RDM items: Name; RDM Enable; DMX Address;
    Threshold; DMX Loss Time; Max Turn-On Delay; Relay
    — Wireless ID; Identify

ETC ColorSource® Relay