ETC Irideon FPZ

ETC Irideon FPZ
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Irideon FPZ pairs the best of the Source Four® Mini LED platform with exceptional output and a sleek industrial design to light your space with elegance and subtlety.

Available for use with Eutrac® three-circuit track with data, the feature-rich design is perfect for museums, lobbies, and retail environments. Truly a Source Four fixture at heart, Irideon FPZ boasts its own set of enhancements such as lockable 3-plane shutters, zoom optics, and the ability to dim using either DMX or a local dimming knob located on the track adapter. But the beam is still everything you expect and more; Irideon FPZ puts out over 800 field lumens, 33% brighter than Source Four Mini LED and every bit as pleasing to the eye with a wide selection of color temperatures. FPZ gives you the versatility you need to create the beautiful light you want from an integrated, unassuming design that won’t dominate your space.

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The Irideon FPZ takes the beauty and punch of the Source Four® beam and puts it into a fixture designed to work in any architectural environment. With built-in zoom optics, three-plane shutters and a rotating barrel, the FPZ can create a sharp or soft focused light in any shape you need. And when used with either glass or metal gobos, logos and designs look sharp and distinctive. With the addition of local level control as well as individual DMX

addressing, the Irideon FPZ can do it all, and look great while doing it.


  • Museums
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Lobbies
  • Theatres


  • Rugged, die-cast fixture body
  • Built-in zoom optics (25-50 degrees)
  • Uniquely efficient optical system
  • Long-life dimmable white LED sources
  • Three-plane shutters
  • Integrated media holder
  • Eutrac® 3-circuit w/data track adapter adapter with built-in intensity trim and DMX control
  • Available in black, white and silver Grey — Custom paint colours available; contact ETC


  • CE compliant and IP40 rated


  • Die-cast aluminium construction (A380 grade)
  • Fine texture, high temperature powder-coated paint
  • Steel yoke with 10.3mm diameter mounting hole
  • Rotating shutter assembly ±175°
  • E-size gobo pattern holder (included) — 37.5mm with a 25.4mm image area
  • Four locking, stainless steel, shutters in a tri-plane assembly, 0.40mm (A301 grade)
  • Zoom range to suit a variety of throw distances
  • Tool-free tilt and beam adjustment
  • High-impact resistant, thermally insulated knobs and shutter handles
  • Captive accessory slot for gobo pattern holder (holder included)
  • Magnetically held media holder
  • Track mount:
    — Compatible with Eutrac three-circuit track w/data
    — colour matching track adapter
  • IP40 rated


  • Power at full intensity: 20W typical
  • Input voltage options:
    — 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Inrush (first half-cycle):
    — 120V: 11A
    — 240V: 24A


  • Cree LED:
    — Irideon FPZ 3000K: 80+ CRI
    — Irideon FPZ 3000K Gallery: 90+ CRI
    — Irideon FPZ 4000K: 80+ CRI
    — Irideon FPZ 5000K: 80+ CRI
  • Long-life LED : 35,000 hours L70 lumen maintenance


  • Built-in zoom optics (25-50 degree beam-angle)
  • Projector-quality, high-contrast lenses
  • Beam edge continually adjustable hard to soft


  • 0°C to 40°C operating temperature)

Irideon™ FPZ – Lighting with distinction