ETC ColorSource Raceway

ETC ColorSource Raceway

ColorSource Raceway meets the needs of LED lighting installations with reduced rigging requirements for stage electrics. 

Its lightweight aluminum construction makes ColorSource Raceway a perfect companion to ETC’s lower capacity hoists and was designed with data distribution, LED loads and flexible installation in mind.

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• Raceway available in lengths from 2 feet to 72 feet (61cm-2195cm) in 1foot (30.5cm) increments, lengths include 1-foot terminal box
• Terminal box can be configured for hard wired or pluggable power and data input
• Each 1-foot section supports two connector plates that can contain power, data or blank connectors
• Active DMX pass-thru, supports up to 32 DMX/RDM devices connected to a single Raceway
• Supports USITT DMX512-A (ANSI E1.11) and RDM (ANSI E1.20-Remote Device Management)
• Supports 48.3mm outside-diameter aluminum pipe batten by ETC or standard schedule 40 iron pipe batten
• Available mounting hardware for suspension, wall, ceiling, pipe grid, and catwalk mounting applications

• Raceway:
– Available in lengths from 2-feet to 72-feet (61cm-2195cm) in 1-foot (30.5cm) increments; lengths include 1-foot terminal box
– Raceway constructed of 1.6mm extruded aluminum
– Connector plates and frames constructed of 3mm diecast aluminum
– Hanger brackets are constructed of ASTM A5008 steel conforming to ISO 898-1 class 8.8 and available for attachment to rigging, catwalks, vertical positions, pipe grids, walls, and ceilings
– All parts are finished in fine-textured, black, white, or silver powder coat paint (custom colors available)
– Circuits are labeled above each connector with 15mm reverse silk screened lexan labels.
– 127mm H x 45mm D outside dimensions, terminal box is 127 mm H x 77.7mm
– Weighs 2.5lb/ft (3.7kg/m) when wired
– Ships fully wired and folded in 6-foot lengths with all splicing hardware
• Optional Aluminum Pipe Batten:
– 1-1/2” (48.3mm) outside diameter extruded aluminum pipe with vertical web
– Pipe wall and web constructed of 3.8mm aluminum finished in black or clear hard coat anodization
– Weighs 1.5lb/ft (2.2kg/m)
– Supports a maximum distributed load of 150lb (68kg) over a 10 ft (305cm) span
– Supports a maximum point load of 65lb (29kg) on a 10 ft (305cm) span
– Designed to a 10:1 safety factor


• Connector strips support 120V -240VAC 50/60Hz branch circuit power inputs with support for multiple outputs per input
• Wire entry utilizes a terminal box with support for up to eight 20A inputs utilized for:
– Up to six circuits for power distribution along the length of the connector strip for performance lighting
– One circuit dedicated for work lights.
– One circuit dedicated for DMX Active Pass-thru connectors (Pass-thru connectors can also be powered off of one of the six performance lighting circuit terminals if necessary)
• Screwless tension clamp terminals for power input accept 20-8 AWG (0.5mm2-6mm2) wire for lighting circuits, 20-12 AWG (0.5mm2-4mm2) for optional work light and DMX Active Pass-thru circuits
• Support for Belden 9729 (or equal) or standard Category cable DMX/RDM input
• Power output receptacles available in any combination of connectors on a single strip using the following receptacles:
– 20A Edison and duplex Edison
– 20A grounded stage pin
– 20A Twist-lock®
– powerCON TRUE1
• Available data outlets support one of the following options per raceway:
– One RJ45 Ethernet output
– One to 24 5-pin XLR style DMX Active Pass-thru with RDM
• Optional worklight integrates via driver mounted in a connector plate and attaches directly to compatible hanger brackets
– 1,600 lumen, 3000K CCT LED at 90 CRI, 60° beam angle
– 25W power consumption

• Withstands fault voltages of up to 250VAC
• Up to 24 DMX Active Pass-thru connectors supported on a single Raceway
• DMX/RDM device connections
– Support up to 32 RDM devices connected on a single Raceway
– DMX Active Pass-Thru connectors self-terminate