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Robe T2 PC

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T2. Multispectral perfection, only further! While simultaneously maintaining the absolute colour finesse of Robe’s phenomenally successful T1 series, featuring the MSL™ (Multi-Spectral) LED engine, our T2 PC™ provides an enhanced output of over 16.000 lumens, measured at the front lens, via its 850W MSL™ source.

With their zoom range of 6-62°, and soft beam, T2 PCs are ideally suited to their long-throw role in theatre, television, and touring.

T2 PCs are full of theatrical subtlety. With CMY colour control, DataSwatch™ filters containing a selection of pre-programmed colours via our renowned RCC™ (Robe Colour Calibration) algorithm and a wide-ranging 2.700K to 8.000K CCT control, all variations of colour are possible. With absolutely no variation in colour produced by T1 and T2 platforms, you can use them together with confidence to provide consistent colour across your lighting rig, perfect for even the most demanding designers.

The precise needs of theatrical dimming are catered to with our super-smooth L3™ dimming system producing imperceptible fades to black. The exceptionally high CRI of 95+ assures natural rendition of all skin tones.

Specifically, for television work, we have included a plus and minus green channel and the Cpulse™ flicker-free management system for all vision systems including HD and UHD cameras, all controllable directly from your console.

Designed to operate in noise-sensitive environments such as television studios, theatres, and houses of worship, the T2 PC™ utilises our innovative AirLOC™ system. Meaning "Less Optical Cleaning," this technology not only aids noise reduction but also dramatically reduces the level of airborne particles drawn over the optics, keeping them in pristine condition for far longer.

All this combined with our highly acclaimed internal four individually controlled leaf barndoor system, rotational scrim control, two interchangeable frosts and ground-breaking edge control technology, gives you total control over your designs in theatre, television, and touring.

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  • Light source
    MSL™ 850 W Multi-Spectral LED engine

    Light output
    up to 16.500 lm, CRI 95+, + - Green Correction Function, Cpulse™ special flicker free management for HD and UHD cameras

    Zoom range
    6° - 62°

    Beam Shaper (internal barndoors), Scrim Module