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Robe ParFect 150 RGBA

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The ParFect 150 RGBA has a bright, ACL style light beam with zoom control and a high CRI in an economical LED format.

It produces warm golden tones while retaining the key features of precise colour control via CMY or RGBA colour mixing, ultra-smooth 18-bit dimming and a powerful 3,8° to 60° zoom.

This compact, lightweight fixture includes a combined hanging/floor stand bracket, accessories such as barn doors and the gel frame, making it a versatile fixture for theatrical and educational applications.

Parfect 150™ RGBA is now equipped with Robe´s innovative lens coating technology which brings benefits such as bright and clear lenses, no scratches or marks, higher light output and longer intervals between cleaning.

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  • Light source
    7x 40W RGBA multichips

    Light output
    2.245 lm, 9.810 lux @ 5m

    Zoom range
    3,8° – 60°