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Robe ParFect 150 FW RGBW

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Professional luminaire in affordable package made in Europe. ParFect 150 FW is a static fixture with a fresnel wash type of light output.

The edge of the beam is smoothly diffused at any beam angle of the remotely controllable zoom ranging from 3,8° to 60°. It has perfect colour mixing, including both CMY & RGBW colour control, 18-bit dimming, Tungsten emulation, and selectable & variable colour temperatures of pure and crispy whites. The compact and lightweight moulded composite unit includes a combined hanging bracket and floor stand. Exceptionally quiet – ParFect 150 is a perfect solution for theatres, concert halls, TV´s and any kind of installation.

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  • Light source
    7x 40W RGBW multichips

    Light output
    2.288 lm, 8.190 lx @ 5 m

    Zoom range
    3,8° – 60°