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Robe iParFect 150 FW RGBA

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The all-new iParFect 150 FW RGBA features an exceptionally-wide zoom range and silent operation with passive cooling, making it ideal for theatres, concert halls and television. With an IP 65 rating, it is also perfect for any outdoor application.

The RGBA LED colour combination provides a high CRI and allows designers to produce warm, rich, amber tones that are normally difficult to achieve. Other features include smooth CMY & RGBA colour control, 18-bit dimming and Tungsten emulation, with both selectable & variable colour temperatures providing total output control.

The powerful, punchy beam with a zoom range of 3,8° to 60°, combined with a Fresnel style beam edge, results in a smooth, homogenised beam of light. This compact, lightweight fixture includes a combined hanging / floor stand bracket and accessories such as gel frame and barndoors.

Now equipped with Robe´s innovative lens coating technology which brings benefits such as bright and clear lenses, no scratches or marks, higher light output and longer intervals between cleaning.

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  • Light source
    7x 40W RGBA multichips

    Light output
    1.310 lm, 5.300 lux @ 5 m

    Zoom range
    3,8° – 60°