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The ESPRITE™ PC offers you a dynamic, high performance wash light, whilst enjoying the many advantages of our TE™ Transferable Engine technology.

The ESPRITE™ PC features the low cost, transferable light engine, to ingeniously solve the problem of performance longevity and light consistency for those preferring the higher brightness of white source LEDs.

Our unique, ground-breaking TRANSFERSBLE ENGINE concept gives you a choice of engines. The TE™ 650W HP White LED Engine (HP – High Performance), producing the highest output possible, or the TE™ 650W HCF White LED Engine (HCF – High Colour Fidelity) for those requiring exceptional colour quality. Now you can fit either engine within the same fixture, without alignment or warranty issues, within five minutes! Without the expense, and complication of needing to have separate luminaires with differing sources, TRANSFERABLE ENGINES give you the right engine, in the right fixture, at the right time!

The revolutionary self-referencing, data capturing engines are all designed, developed and manufactured within our own factory (Patents pending). Performance has not been compromised, with the TE™ 650W HP White 6.700 K LED Engine producing a piercing 33.000 lm and the TE™ 650W HCF White 6.000 K LED Engine 20.000 lm with its exceptionally high inherent CRI of 97. The L70/B50 ratings of 50.000 hours, means longevity is assured.

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  • Light source

    Light output
    up to 33.000 lm, 85.000 lx @ 5m, Cpulse™ special flicker free management for HD and UHD cameras, ready for 8K and 16K

    Zoom range
    6° - 60°

    Internal barndoor system with +/- 90° rotation, Cpulse™ - Flicker Free Management, L3™ dimming system for ultra-smooth fade to black

  • Cores

    Colour Wheel 1

    14070463  14070463

    14070464  14070464

    14070465  14070465

    14070466  14070466

    14070467  14070467


    Colour Wheel 2

    14070473-6  14070473-6

    14070469  14070469

    14070470  14070470

    14070471  14070471

    14070472  14070472