LDR Nota pc1200 plus P.O. MK2

LDR Nota pc1200 plus P.O. MK2

Quality 1/1200W fresnel spotlight fitted with a pole-operated stirrup to control pan and tilt movement. 

It’s ideal for all those applications where the luminaires are difficult to access and whose position needs to be changed frequently.

It includes screw focus variable spread soft-edged beam, front hinging lamp tray, adjustable lamp-base and double-microswitch interlock for safe lamp replacement.

A colour frame, safety guard and 1.5m mains cable are included as standard.

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Especificações e Lâmpadas Compatíveis

Lens Type 150mm dia. pebble convex  CP67 GX9.5 650W 230V/240V 3200K 100 hrs
Reflector 100mm dia. aluminium  CP70 GX9.5 1000W 230V/240V 3200K 240 hrs
Microswitch double-pole  CP90 GX9.5 1200W 230V/240V 3200K 240 hrs
Colour Gel Dimension 185x185mm  T11 GX9.5 1000W 120V 3050K 750 hrs
Throw 2-15m  T19 GX9.5 1000W 230V/240V 3050K 900 hrs
Beam angle 10°-56°  T21 GX9.5 650W 230V/240V 3000K 750 hrs


20100106 – colour frame
20100206 – safety guard
20100306 – 4-leaf barndoor
20100306D – 4-leaf barndoor black/white
20100306E – 4-leaf barndoor black/silver
20101300 – safety bond
20600006 – mounting plate 185x185mm
90DS3858 – operating pole 1,2/4m
90DS3860 – operating pole 2,1/7,5m