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Toda a capacidade e facilidade de utilização da ETC EOS, num formato mais compacto.

Elegant. ETC’s acclaimed Eos lighting console provides simple, approachable control in a nuanced programming environment, with unmatched depth and power. Original. We started with a white board and no assumptions. We talked to designers, programmers and electricians. We designed a product that is familiar, comfortable and simultaneously forward looking, with common problems solved in ingenious ways. We looked for intuitive solutions while reducing keystrokes. Our rich fixture library means palettes can be constructed quickly – automatically or manually. Sophisticated. The touchscreen-versus-mechanical-controls debate stops here. Eos provides touchscreen flexibility with the tactile response of buttons, so you can keep your eyes on the stage, not the desk. And we’ve got buttons. No mouse needed when you access commonly used programming functions.

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*10000 channels (devices)
*4000, 8000, 12,000 and 16,000 outputs/parameters
*Dedicated master playback fader pair
*10 definable motorized faders, with 30 pages of control
*999 cue lists
*200 active playbacks
*300 submasters
*3 programmable grand masters
*Dedicated pan/tilt or XYZ encoders, 4 pageable encoders
*2 15” LCD touchscreens
*High-density live and blind displays
*Electronic magic sheets
*Net3™ (ACN based) and ETCNet2™ native
*Multiple MIDI and SMPTE Inputs
*Client/server networking and synchronized backup
*Offline programming on PC (Vista or XP) and native on Macintosh (OS X Power PC or Intel)
*Data-laundering from Obsession, Express/ion, Emphasis and Strand 500/300 series show files via ASCII
*12 discrete on-line users with partitioned control
*6 – Multipurpose USB bus (pointing devices, keyboard, touchscreens, flash drives)