LDR Tempo f650 plus

LDR Tempo f650 plus

Quality yet budget-priced 500W or 650W Fresnel spotlight. It features a slide-focus variable-spread, soft-edged beam which makes it ideal for small, intimate stage areas.

Also included as standard are a DIN standard colour frame, safety guard and 1.5m mains cable. Available to special order in any colour from the RAL range All accessories also available in white and silver.

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Especificações e Lâmpadas Compatíveis

Lens Type
120mm dia. Fresnel  M38 GY9.5 300W 230V/240V 2950K 2.000 hrs
Reflector 55mm dia. glass  M40 GY9.5 500W 230V/240V 2950K 2.000 hrs
Microswitch no  T18 GY9.5 500W 230V/240V 3000K 300 hrs
Colour Gel Dimension 150×150 mm  T25 GY9.5 500W 230V/240V 3000K 360 hrs
Throw 2-10m  T26 GY9.5 650W 230V/240V 3050K 600 hrs
Beam angle 7°-60°  T27 GY9.5 650W 230V/240V 3050K 450 hrs
 • LDR recommends Philips lamps



20100103colour frame
20100203safety guard
201003034-leaf barndoor
20100303D4-leaf barndoor black/white
20100303E4-leaf barndoor black/silver
20100900hook clamp
20101300safety bond
20106013Xpress 13
20600003mounting plate 150x150mm
All accessories also available in white and silver.