LDR soffio 10/28 150W

LDR soffio 10/28 150W

The power of a compact 150W discharge lamp is harnessed by this stylish narrow-angle double-condenser profile spotlight to project a crisp evenly-distributed beam for highlighting or projecting patterns or advertising logos for architectural and display applications. The cool beam design enables a wide range of metal or dichroic gobos or slides to be used, ad even project pictures printed o a piece of a colour medium. Available to special order in any colour from the RAL range, SOFFIO profiles are supplied with a built-in ballast, colour frame and 1.5m mains cable. All accessories also available in white and silver.

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Especificações e Lâmpadas Compatíveis

Optical System
double condenser + zoom CDM-T 150/830 G12 150W 3000K 9.000 hrs
Reflector  55mm dia. glass CDM-T 150/942 G12 150W 4200K 9.000 hrs
Microswitch  no CDM-T SA 150/942 G12 150W 4200K 6.000 hr
Colour Gel Dimension 125x125mm  
Throw 2-15m
Beam angle 10°-28°
Ballast built-in  • LDR recommends Philips lamps



20100102colour frame
20100701iris diaphragm
20100812gobo holder
20100900hook clamp
20101300safety bond
20600002mounting plate 125x125mm
40280101DC controller for varispeed gobo
 All accessories also available in white and silver.