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O mais completo controlo. Poderosa e compacta.

Need the power of an Eos® lighting system but in a smaller desk, sized just right for your budget and space? Or, maybe you’re going on tour? Lightweight with a tidy footprint, Gio is scaled to travel — taking Eos’s multi-award winning console feature-set on the road. The middle child of the Eos line, Gio sits between Ion® and Eos in the product family – sharing the same powerful programming DNA.

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*10000 channels (devices)
*2048, 4096, 6144, or 8192 outputs/parameters
*Dedicated master-playback fader pair
*10 definable motorized faders, with 30 pages of control
*999 cue lists
*200 active playbacks
*300 submasters
*4 pageable haptic encoders
*2 – 12.1” LCD touchscreens
*High-density live and blind displays
*Electronic magic sheets
*Virtual Media Server Control with stock content (user images may be imported)
*Net3™ (ACN based) and ETCNet2™ native
*Multiple MIDI and SMPTE Inputs
*Client/server networking and synchronized backup
*Offline and Client programming on PC (Windows 7 or XP) and native on Macintosh (OS X Intel)
*Data-laundering from Obsession®, Express/ion, Emphasis™, Congo® and Strand 500/300 series show files via ASCII
*12 discrete on-line users with partitioned control
*Seven multipurpose USB bus (pointing devices, keyboard, touchscreens, flashdrives)