ETC Congo Light Server powered by Cobalt

ETC Congo Light Server powered by Cobalt

Small-system backup in a rack-mounted enclosure.

The Congo® Light Server powered by Cobalt™ is the budget solution for rack-mount control where fewer than 3,072 channels and 12 universes are required. Perfect for permanent installations or to be used as a backup, the 19-inch Congo Light Server runs Cobalt software and offers access to the most-used commands for channel selection, playback and screen navigation. It features a USB connector on the front panel so you can easily load and store your show. With 2 x DVI/VGA monitor outputs, the Congo Light Server ships with two universes of DMX output and can be upgraded for up to 12 universes of output.

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  • Supports up to two monitors, 2 x DVI or 1 x DVI + 1 x SVGA
  • Up to 3,072 devices/channels and 6,144 outputs/parameters
  • 2 x DMX512A/RDM direct outputs
  • Ethernet (ETCNet2™, Net3™/ACN, ArtNet)
  • Hard disk memory
  • MIDI In/Out
  • Contact closure triggers
  • USB multipurpose bus (memory, pointing device)
  • Audio In/Out
  • Radio and phone remote control