MA grandMA3 Software

MA grandMA3 Software

The grandMA3 software is the soul of the grandMA3 platform and is designed to accommodate the current and future needs of lighting control. The software has a refined user interface designed to be ergonomic yet fully featured. Users can customize their workflow to incorporate favourite options and features, without cluttering their workspace. Standard default-configurations for screen views and playback layout are comprehensive but can be customized, providing a new level of flexibility that many grandMA console users will appreciate.

The grandMA3 represents a radical re-think of what’s possible from a lighting control platform. The system features ground-breaking concepts from top industry visionaries and is designed to make practical tasks more intuitive. The new General Fixture Type Format (GDTF) protocol is supported natively, ensuring fixtures perform precisely as their manufacturers intended and resulting in less time wasted during set-up.
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The playback options on grandMA3 allow for maximum usability of all sequences. Users can now assign any function to any action of a button, fader or encoder. From a simple GO+ functionality on a single button press, to fast-forwarding when an encoder is turned clockwise and fast-backwards when turned anti-clockwise.

The grandMA3 software has a totally new effects concept, allowing multi-step effect sequences to be nested inside a cue or preset. “Phasers” are treated just like static parameter values and respect normal programming syntax.
Daytime programming at a summer festival can be very challenging and requires higher screen contrast compared to indoor use. With grandMA3, users can choose between default day and night color themes and can also edit and save custom color themes to suit their individual needs.
With the introduction of Datapools, the grandMA3 takes the multiuser environment to a whole new level. A single show file can now be used for several stages and/or several operators for one stage. Ideal for use at festivals and for support/main act separation when touring.
Datapools allow users to enjoy full access to their own unique pools and playback handles. Every user can work freely without sharing pool-items or playback handles, however users can share data if desired.

In addition to the advanced functionality, the grandMA3 can still master all of the basics:

Selecting fixtures, adjusting values, storing presets and playing back cues ‘should’ all feel familiar, but improved.
Better overview, faster access and more accurate information creates an improved user experience whilst programming and busking shows.The grandMA3 software incorporates a programmer with active values, which is seamlessly integrated into the overall playback. The programmer can be specifically masked or filtered to instantly locate key information.
Preview is available as well as Blind, Highlight and Solo functionality. Store options speeds-up the workflow for secure data handling at any time. Timing can be stored or assigned to any Cue, Preset and even individual attributes of each fixture.
Customizable Appearance and Scribble functionality are available for personalizing the look and feel of all user views and data.