NAN started operation in October 1995, having as main activity, the distribution of special lamps for the entertainment industry, audiovisual, printing industry and electromedicine.

During 1996, along with the growing contact with importing companies, rental companies, theatres, clubs and others, who were satisfied with the service quality, request for lighting equipment grew. That was the beginning of NAN – Lighting Equipments.

In 1997, NAN moved to Ovar. In that same year, we have created our branch office in Lisbon.
In 2001, a process similar with the one that happened in 1996 takes place and a new project was born… NAN – Sound & Lighting.

In 2003, NAN built the new facilities in Ovar’s industrial area, motivated by the sustained growth of the company. In the following years, our company managed to exclusively represent in Portugal, a great group of very relevant brands from all over the world, where at least 4, are unquestionable leaders of the international market and helped us increase our sales in a very solid way.

With the enlargement of the range of products to video’s world and driven by its new corporate image, NAN decided to change its designation to NAN Audiovisuals, which is the name currently present on our logo.

Something that will never change is our mission … We will continue to offer a good product, followed by a good service and a fair price and in the way, create strong relationships with customers and suppliers, which certainly will give us resources to keep increasing our quality.

With this, it is with great pleasure that we put ourselves at your disposal in order to let you know our best and most appropriate solutions that will have, as is our prerogative, a strong service support and guidance in the use and application of the equipment and for whatever you most need. The image that we want to keep, is precisely that … Count on us!